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What can you expect from Coaching


In Coaching, the emphasis is on experiencing, and the shifting of perspective and position. Rather than focusing on what has happened, the emphasis is on what is possible.

Coaching is solution-based and solves problems of the present –– it enriches your life!

Coaching uses powerful techniques (tools, support, and structure) to clarify your goals, values, purpose, and vision and to keep you focused on your priorities.

It will create prosperity, balance, and fulfillment in your life. Through coaching, you can achieve your goals and dreams by breaking them down into smaller more manageable pieces. Each week, you move closer to what you really want.

Talking with a friend may be helpful, but coaching offers undistracted listening that is non-judgmental, trusting, honest, and exceptionally objective.

The questions posed challenge the spoken words and delve into the real meaning of what is being heard.

Your Coach is your resource person with a large tool kit to assist you in developing and pursuing your vision so that you achieve positive, permanent results.

Online Coaching


Since the very beginning of her coaching career Alexandra offers all her coachings also online.

The advantage of the Online Coaching are vast. Just some examples: 

You don't have to travel to my place for your coaching session, this is a great gain of time

You can continue your coaching even if you have to travel
Online coaching very efficient.

If you have never worked in that way yet. Just try it and see how well it works!


1:1 Coaching

Alexandra works in an individualised and very professional way, to get the most benefit on your side.

Coaching Packages 1:1 Coaching:

  • Change
    Do you want to change your current situation but you don't know how?

  • Reinvention
    Do you want to reinvent yourself but you feel blocked?

  • Self-Confidence Maximiser
    Would you like to increase the knowledge about how others perceive you?

  • Discovery
    Would you like to know more about your personality at work?

  • Sounding Board
    Do you need to talk to somebody in a safe space?


Team Coaching

What if your team would work hand in hand, very efficiently and you could concentrate on your core competencies?

Sounds interesting? Learn more about Alexandra's approach.

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