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  • your personal growth

  • discovering your aspiration and your true vision

  • becoming an authentic leader who lives a fulfilled life

I offer

  • a safe space to talk

  • knowledge and wisdom

  • tools to support you

  • experience

  • structure

  • clarifiers

  • concepts

  • possibilities

  • support in finding solutions

I coach in

  • English

  • German

  • French

I offer all my coachings, workshops and lectures also online.​

"I support  smart and successful people in their personal growth."

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Uncover the secret of a successful and happy life!

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free workshops

"Personal Growth Circle"

Topic:  "Personality at work PART 2 - create your personal energy care program"

Often we feel unbalanced, stressed, tired even overwhelmed. In this workshop you will create your personal energy program.

 April 19th, 2021

6.30 - 7.30  pm (CET)

online on  zoom.

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Find out what your personal needs are and start the process to get them met.

The Free of Needs Program

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At the time of the COVID19 pandemic so many people are exposed to incredible mental and physical stress. In this very difficult context, professional coaching can help YOU!

What if you could be just yourself and be successful?

Become authentic

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What if you would know exactly what you really want?

Learn more about yourself and become more self-confident in 12 weeks.

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A safe place to talk about you and your needs.

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team coaching

Are you interested in a happier and more efficient team?

free workshops

"Personal Growth Circle"

Join us on January 18th, 2021

6.30 - 7.30  pm (CET)

online on  zoom.

Topic: Personal Needs

What are your personal needs and how do they impact your decision making?

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What Alexandra's clients say

"...I found Alex to be a relaxed and non-judgemental coach...  Whilst Alex doesn't specialize in pain management, she was an integral part of my recovery...

Gemma McFall, Coach, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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"...Already in our first meeting, we developed a very hands-on blueprint to change current states at the workplace for the better ...

I really enjoyed the positive spirit and the outstanding support of Alexandra over the past months and already look forward to our next sessions."

Silvan Krähenbühl, Co-Founder Unicorn Ventures, Zürich, Schweiz

"... Alexandra kann ich besonders empfehlen für junge und junggebliebene, hoch motivierte Schnelldenker..."


Christian Hirsig, Gründer Powercoders, Bern, Schweiz

“... She has supported me to discover long held beliefs that were holding me back from aspects of personal happiness and professional success.

She is able to relate across cultures and situations and keeps the client’s best interest in focus...”

Shripad Ranade, Leadership Coach and Management Consultant, Mumbai, India

Do you want to know what is blocking you in life?

Find out what your personal needs are and start with the process to get them met.

Do you want a copy of the Wheel of Needs with over 110 needs? 

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Distinction between wants and needs

All of us want things from time to time. We may want a bigger house, nicer clothes, to take a trip, to be in a relationship, more money, etc. Those are desires and are different from the underlying needs that motivate our behaviour. For example, almost everyone has a need to be respected. Yet, for some people, that need is so strong that if it isn’t met on a consistent basis, either there will be some form of behaviour that shows up which is continually asking or demanding respect (usually in an indirect manner), and/or the person ‘needing’ respect so badly will feel constantly unfulfilled.

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